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Free Web ERP

  • How much are you paying in software and maintenance fees?
  • Do you do backups of your data files? How much are you paying?
  • How costly is your software support?
  • Does your ERP provide you with all the information you need, so that you can make decisions based on real-time information?
  • Do you have acces to your ERP from anywhere in the world?

Why pay when Streaming Office, offers you all these options directly from our WEB ERP for FREE

In addition, the user experience with our platform is user-friendly and requires no training.

With Streaming Office, you only have to do the simplest of tasks that are essential for the management of your clients and suppliers. In effect, our Web ERP you to issue invoices, pay your suppliers and employees, and we take care of the rest!!

Instructions and details of services offered

Our user experience is very user friendly and requires almost no training.

Users will begin their Streaming Office experience in one of two ways, either by using our interface for data entry or by sending us customized documents by fax or email.

Each type of document will be managed by Workflows. Once the document is approved by the proper user, the document is recorded in the Entreprise Ressource Planning (ERP) and archived in the Electronic Document Management (EDM). Customers have access to an extranet that has standard or custom reports. Here is a summary of the features of our web platform.

Management Workflow (WF):

Companies invest lots of time and money in the implementation and maintenance of administrative processes in order to ensure that multiple users may use different documents as well as share necessary information in order to accomplish their tasks.

The inefficiencies are reflected in elevated general and administration fees (salaries, over-time, training, etc…) In effect these fees represent an important portion of your costs (30%, 40%, 50%) this alone merits your consideration in looking at reducing these costs.

How much time do you spend creating, correcting, modifying, researching and filing documents?

Is the exchange of documents between users efficient and fluid?

How much does this ineffectiveness cost you?

The Streaming Office solution offers you the standard processes to support le life cycle of each type of document (Quotes, Invoices, Payments, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Etc…) Beyond that multiple users with be able to easily create, share and collaborate on different documents that are used in your company.

Since the life cycle of documents is managed automatically by our platform with Workflow, you can be assured that each document is treated quickly and efficiently. You will benefit instantly from the administrative efficiency, all the while reducing your general costs and administration.

If a customer wants to customize the standard process, we have a workflow service management that can assist in the development of electronic documents process. Note that Streaming Office is involved in each of the workflow processes. So, when a document needs to be recorded or adjusted, Streaming Office is automatically notified. We are part of internal processes of our customers, which gives us an advantage, because it brings us closer to our customers.


Custom dashboard:

With the ERP systems available on the market and the latest ways of operating, there is a large loss of time and effort in transferring pertinent data. This is a massive waste of money.

Stop losing your time and money managing data and searching for the information you need. Streaming Office will merge all the data, from one dashboard you will be able to receive automatically, in real-time, the important information that you need to manage your daily operations.

We will provide a dashboard for each of the standard types of standard use (Sales, Commission, Cost, Salary, Receivable, Payable). However we can customize the dashboard by querying the database.

Dashboards are updated in real time. Thus, if the client wants to know, at any time, the evolution of its sales, it may have a window that provides this information (in the form of calendar if desired). In short, we can provide you wth all the information you want.


Integrated tools for Management decisions:

Web Data entry screen allows the creation and printing of invoices, PO, Stock. The tool uses information from the database of our ERP and updates it in real time.

You can also send directly from our platform documents to your clients and suppliers, thus saving on mailing costs and reducing the use of paper.


Report tables (grids) contain DETAILED data that come from the Entreprise Ressource Planning (ERP) . Users can easily manipulate data (sort, regroup, filter, select columns) to obtain the required information.

The data contained in the grids are always viewed in real-time. For example, if you would like more details on the information provided on your dashboard, you can access the data directly by clicking on the information and dig deeper into the consultation.


The electronic document management (EDM) will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of document usage. Electronic Data Archiving, in addition to the environmental factor of reduction of paper, allows the following advantages:

Workflow increases the efficiency of the administrative process

Collaboration and sharing of documents between different users

Management of history files and documents

Internal automatic documents (Order Slips, Packing Lists, Invoices)

Indexing, adjusting and classifying documents

Development of electronic records

Control permissions used

Search documents …

Move into the Streaming Office era and stop wasting your precious time and money filing, sorting and searching for your documents.



We manage and control for you the accounting process for your company; this will assure the efficiency of your accounting. Furthurmore, you will save 40% to 60% in your book keeping costs.

Book keeping represents 80% of the time spent by accounting and these tasks do not generate revenue for your company. In addition to providing you with FREE tools included on our Web ERP to simplify your workload (invoicing, payments, workflow, dashboard, grid, GED) we take care of the exhaustive tasks and you will be able to concentrate your time on the activities that will truly be beneficial to the core of your business.

With Streaming Office you will have an office + simple + efficient + economical

Sales process and customer accounts

Creating and managing client files

Enter the customer’s bills in our system

Provide sales reports and commissions

Send invoices to clients

State Auditor


Process payables and payroll

Creation and management of suppliers

Entering supplier invoices in our system

Provide reports and purchase cost

Aging of accounts

Issuing and printing checks


Process of inventory management:

Creating and managing files articles

Integrated process to update the inventory

Provide different report for inventory management


Financial and Government Reports :

We provide accounting and government reports.

Management consulting

Since we are part of the processes of our customers and we have access to all their information, we are very close to them, this facilitates and improves the quality of management advice we can offer them. But in our standard service, we provide four hours of management consulting per month. This allows our customers to benefit from the support of an experienced advisor to track your business.