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1. Can I transfer my existing accounting datas (Simply Accounting, Acomba, etc.) on your system?

Yes, you can. It’s simple, just use the ‘Export’  function of your accounting software and export your accounting data in text format, cvs, xml or other formats and send them to us!
Contact us for assistance and further details!

2. Can I use only the function of archiving data?

Yes, you can. You can only use the archiving data function. You can always ask to activate other functions such as management accounting system and enterprise resource planning system later depending on your business needs.

3. Do I have access to my financial reports?

Yes, you have access to reports 24 / 7 and they are updated automatically.
Our reports are displayed in grid (grids as Microsoft Excel), then you can do your own queries, search, sort your data on accounting datas, sales, etc …
No need to wait 30 days or after your accountant to make a decision quickly!

4. Can I print invoices?

Yes, you can create, print and archive invoices easily. The invoices are numbered and when you create an invoice, it is automatically entered into our accounting system. The reports (balance sheet, financial statement, etc.) are automatically updated immediately for consultation!

5. Is your system secure?

Yes, our system is secure and is host on a dedicated server by Iweb, an Internet hosting infrastructure. Iweb, also offer a system backup and data recovery. See http://www.iweb.com

If you have any other questions, please click here.